The Largest and the Worst

Few dispute that the purchase and sale of real estate is the largest transaction of most people’s lives. And few would dispute that divorce is among the most difficult period of life than anyone can endure.

The confluence of the two is enormously difficult.

Our role in this process is to give grace. Two people dividing family, belongings, and property need an advocate not in their separation, but in preserving the financial legacy of their largest shared asset. Economic difficulty post divorce is not uncommon, and an adverse effect on one’s personal credit, lifestyle, and outlook is almost guaranteed for at least one of the parties, often both.

In times like these, it falls to the advocates to take care of the business so when people pick up the pieces, their post divorce assets have been preserved as much as possible. Given the enormity of the transaction, this can’t be left to just any licensee or Realtor.

We know this road. We can guide you.

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