A Brief Plug for the Coalition for Family Justice

I was introduced to the Coalition for Family Justice back in 2015 when my separation was over a year old. As one might imagine, I was in a difficult period of my life, and with 4 pre-teen children, a house, and a business to run, there was plenty at stake. My ex wife and I wanted the best for the kids thank goodness, and that was the heart of our decision to avoid court and do a collaborative divorce, and the coalition was indispensable in guiding me through the process.

I recall meeting Monica Goetz, the founder and principal of the organization, at my first meeting. She was helpful from the word go. I’ll never forget that first conversation, and how she asked if I’d rather pay for my own children’s college tuition or my lawyer’s children’s tuition.

Point made.

I attended meetings for several years, and when the final divorce decree cam through, I saved tens of thousands in legal fees, and I had an arrangement where I would continue to see my children daily. Nothing was more important to me than raising them and seeing them daily. We did alternate weekends and work out a holiday arrangement, but that’s to be expected.

While the coalition is a national organization, they are based right here in Irvington, NY and their events are all published on their website. Anyone contemplating divorce should be familiar with the coalition. I will always be grateful for the help they gave me in my own situation.

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