We Specialize in Selling the Matrimonial Home in a Divorce

Divorce is Rough.
Selling Your Home Shouldn’t Be.

This website is dedicated to people who are facing the sale of their New York area home in a divorce. We understand this is a difficult time in life. Adding a massive real estate transaction to the mix adds stress and raises the stakes.

When the dust settles on a divorce and the parties look back, one of the biggest regrets they have is the negative consequences their split had on the sale of their home. The time lost, the heartache, and the often devastating financial costs of the divorce on the sale of the home cannot be exaggerated. You cannot just use any agent.

If you are facing divorce and the sale of your home, it is crucial that the broker you choose has experience in such a difficult and challenging transaction. Your broker needs to be able to help you coordinate two major life-events that are happening simultaneously – the sale of the home and the dissolution of your marriage. We help you manage and coordinate the painful process of divorce with a smooth real estate transaction, making sure that all bases are covered to avoid a costly mistake. Empathy and sensitivity are a must. 

Buyers may try to exert leverage once they know divorce is involved, playing on the urgency of a divorcing seller. For many divorcing couples their house is their major asset, and their quality of life after the divorce will depend on getting the best possible price for the house. It is one of the few aspects of a divorce case in which both spouses have the same common interest – getting the best possible price for their house.

We have brokered quite a few closings in a divorce and that experience can make a big difference to you financially and for your sanity. For more information on how we can help, simply fill out the contact form and we’ll connect. We know the pain, frustration and stress. We can help you both get to the other side and make the real estate part of the process a win/win. If you prefer to call, you can dial me directly on my cell at (914) 450-8883.

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