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Matrimonial real estate sales are different from any other type of real estate transaction for many reasons, and rather than preach to the choir, we’ll list some of the better reasons to refer your client to the J Philip Real Estate Team at Howard Hanna Rand Realty.

  • We specialize in the sale of property in a divorce. Our broker has 27 years of experience, is a thought leader in the industry, and our team has successfully closed a high  number of these types of transactions. We know what steps to take to ensure our clients are protected, we don’t get sucked into drama, and we know how to detach from the reason for the sale and focus on the sale itself. We know that life goes on after this is over, and conduct the transaction with that in mind.
  • We offer a 3rd party compromise over “his” or “her” choice for agent. The time arises in any practice for a referral to a specialist rather than taking on a case out of your area of expertise. If you are a divorce attorney, it is unlikely that you’d take on an intellectual property matter or an immigration case if you’ve never practiced in that area. One spouse’s choice for agent may be a part time licensee they know from work; the other’s could be a friend from college who hasn’t sold a home in months. Bias, even unintentional outside of those conditions, is a difficult obstacle. Cooperation from both sides is already an issue in many of these transactions. Having a 3rd party who specializes in matrimonial sales can make a huge impact on the successful outcome of the entire process.
  • We understand confidentiality. All too often, loose lips sink ships. Equity on paper can evaporate if a savvy buyer agent or their buyer discovers that the reason for the sale of the home is the dissolution of a marriage. Protecting the interests of both parties is paramount. We get that, and we make sure that the clients are protected from a lower sale price that will only add more hardship to an already painful matter.
  • We grasp the neutrality required for an optimal outcome. Understanding the emotion and accompanying difficulty in what is already a tense matter under the happiest circumstances is baked into how we approach these transactions. We understand the moving parts. We have heard the stories. We have, in many cases, lived them ourselves. We can empathize, we can ignore matters not germane to the success of the deal, and we can kep the clients eyes on the importance of the outcome without taking sides.
  • We have a team. One agent is not enough in this day and age. Making sure that nothing slips through the cracks, and that all details, no matter how small or trivial, are attended to, requires all hands on deck. The firm is not a traditional model, and no transaction has fewer than three people making sure that all goes smoothly. Each principal can have their own designated agent.
  • We understand adverse circumstances. Distress often goes hand in hand with divorce property sales. It could be financial distress where an equity-eroding default is involved. There could be deferred maintenance or code violations. There could be unfinished projects on the property. Our competition trips over themselves chasing luxury properties and is often less equipped to tackle these less than glamorous situations. To us, however, this is a day at the office. Overcoming these obstacles in partnership with your counsel is what we do, every day.
  • We get that the sale must go through. There is no margin for error, in the sale of real estate in a New York divorce. Dragging what could be a 60-90 day process through sometimes the course of a year or two, is, sadly, a reality in many matrimonial sales for a variety of reasons. Managing expectations, maneuvering personalities, resentments, grievances and flat out animus require experience, nuance, diplomacy, emotional detachment, maturity, and professionalism. This isn’t easy. But it is worse when the real estate professional does not understand this important fact.

This is the tip of the iceberg. No sale of real estate is the same and that is especially so in the case of divorce. If you are a matrimonial attorney and you seek a specialist that will expedite the sale for the client, we understand the importance and responsibility of the weight of your recommendation. We are up for that challenge, and can provide references.

J. Philip Faranda, associate broker at Howard Hanna Rand Realty brokers real estate transactions in divorce situations throughout New York and Connecticut. If you need to sell your home due to a divorce in Westchester, Fairfield, Long Island or the Hudson Valley, we are the real estate specialist you have been looking for. Contact us for more information
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