Can an Agent Help When the Divorcing Homeowners Don’t Sell?

I sold this couple their home in Croton years ago when my firm was new. They were both about my age and we remained in touch over the years, even connecting on social media. When I got the call to come visit the house and give my opinion on value, I did not think much of it, as people move from time to time. I was glad that they considered me “their agent.”

So, you could have knocked me over with a feather when, as we call sat at their kitchen table together bantering, that they informed me that they were splitting up. They were unsure if they should sell or if one could buy the other out. They wanted my opinion on price to help make that decision.

Here’s the thing: As much as I’d love to list and sell any home for clients, sometimes that sale is still years in the future. Math, not my own charm or persuasion, would make the decision. I sat there with them on my laptop, and we did a full market analysis over coffee and homemade crumb cake that tasted almost illegally delicious.

In the end, it was clear that the one who wanted to remain would be able to buy the other out. I wouldn’t be listing their house for a long time. And that’s OK, because we aren’t one trick ponies in this business. Caring for clients and remaining “their agent” is a multi year process, and I only want to make sales that benefit all parties, not just my wallet. I was glad to contribute, and I was happy that their split was amicable.

Plus I went home with this contraband -tasting crumb cake that made the reunion very worth my time, sale or no.

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