You have legal options for how to divorce, depending on the level of trust, communication and comfort between you and your spouse.

Divorce Mediation: If you and your spouse have a level of trust and good communication you may want to explore divorce mediation. One attorney will sit with both of you. The attorney is neutral, not representing or assisting either side, and helps to direct settlement discussions so you and your spouse can work out your own divorce agreement.

Collaborative Divorce: If you want an amicable, out-of-court divorce but either you or your spouse is not comfortable being your own advocate, consider Collaborative Divorce. It is a cooperative, voluntary process in which you and your spouse each have your own attorney. You, your spouse and the two attorneys work together to solve your issues and create a settlement acceptable to both of you.

Litigated Divorce: When trust is lacking, or when communication with your spouse is not effective, traditional court divorce is the only available option. It is important to choose a lawyer who is skilled in legal maneuvering and can provide good counsel about your options and strategies.

This information is courtesy of Attorney Martin N. Ashley, (914) 276-2100 or mna@ashleylawyer.com.

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