Case Study: White Plains and Life After Divorce

I can’t stress this enough: There is life after divorce.
There is life after divorce.
There. Is. Life. After. Divorce.

This closing was emblematic of life after divorce, because it was a purchase. The divorced client was buying a new home with their new partner, and asked me to represent them in the purchase. We found a wonderful home in their chosen community, White Plains, and we had the dream team involved in mortgage, law, title, and inspector.

The dream team made a difference. There were issues with the inspection which were resolved to the buyer’s satisfaction, and there was a title issue that required the lawyer to do some extra work on their behalf. That wasn’t a small title issue; there was an encroachment issue with a bordering property, and it took some work to resolve that matter.

We did have a cooperative seller and listing agent on the other side which also made a good difference.

Not long after, I was invited to my clients’ wedding and we had a blast. I’m happy that they landed on their feet post divorce and that I was able to help facilitate their new life in their new home.

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