Case Study: Briarcliff Manor Divorce Listing

I recall interviewing with each principal separately before being hired to list and sell this property. What remains with me, aside from remaining in touch with each client over the years, is the sadness each felt for the chapter in their lives that was closing, and the difficulty in adjusting to the transition. So just imagine adding listing and selling your home with that going on, with children to be strong for, and with all the vagaries in the real estate market as we distanced ourselves from the Great Recession.

I was initially far more conservative on pricing the property, as the prior 5 years had been rough markets for sellers. This home was a gorgeous place on a lovely street, and we ended up pricing it $40,000 higher than my initial price recommendation.

It ended up selling for more than $20,000 over asking in a multiple bid situation. I knew the market was recovering when this chain of events occurred.

The transaction was emblematic of what can happen when a divorcing couple puts their differences aside the greater good of the big picture. They were no longer together and indeed one spouse had moved out, but the children saw stability and collaboration, and the decision process was not encumbered by feuding or acrimony. They acted like grownups.

What made this one unique was that after the closing, the buyer sued all parties- their agent, their home inspector, the sellers, and me, claiming that a defect was not disclosed. My insurance company got involved, and I was given the choice to settle or to have my day in court. a long court process might be more expensive than settling. My decision to fight rather than settle was rooted in the fact that the truth was on my side. I knew of no defect. Moreover, my marketing video was introduced into evidence, and their claim against me was dismissed based on the video proving that the “defect” was not evident from the imaging.

I’m unclear how it tuned out for the other parties, but I don’t recall it going anywhere. Throughout the entire transaction, communication between me and my seller clients was frequent and clear. We made a good team. Both parties have moved on their lives and I am happy that they have moved on. They have since referred other clients to me, which was gratifying and appreciated.

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