Choosing the Right Specialist in a New York Divorce Real Estate Sale

 If you have ever wondered if there is a real estate firm that truly specializes in successful sales of real estate in a divorce in Westchester and the surrounding counties, you’ve come to the right place.

Having experienced divorce myself, I can attest firsthand to the difficulty and stress of figuring out just who to trust with the many jobs of professional advocacy required for a divorce client. You need an attorney who specializes in divorce, can educate you in the process, and whose first priority is the well being of their client, not compiling billable hours. You need to learn the options, such as a collaborative divorce, mediation, or litigation. You have to undergo a difficult process of custody and equitable distribution of assets. Life changing decisions abound and the stress from the high stakes can be paralyzing.

The marital home is often the first big question in equitable distribution of assets. In some cases, one spouse buys the other out and remains in the matrimonial residence. However, for many reasons, the property is sold. The sale of real estate is significant when the reason is a happy one, such as a promotion or growing family; but adding divorce to the equation mandates a small margin of error.

Not all real estate brokers are created equal. Selling real estate in a divorce is unlike any other type of sale and the agent you choose to handle the transaction makes a huge difference. Our firm is often the second or third firm hired after the clients have found us either online or through a referral when they have learned the hard way that they need a specialist. Sometimes they have hired an inexperienced agent; other times they have gone with “his” or “her” choice, with unsuccessful results. In some cases, the sellers have done a hybrid co-listing model where company A works for one spouse and Company B the other. In these cases, the results have been mixed- competitors don’t always collaborate very well, although if both brokers do understand divorce it can work fairly acceptably.

By far, as in any endeavor, hiring a specialist for a specific job yields the best outcome. The J. Philip team at Howard Hanna Rand Realty knows divorce and the many unique facets of selling a divorce sale better than any random agent you’ll ever engage. Our track record is stellar; we know what questions to ask. We know how to protect the interests of our clients, even if they are in an acrimonious situation. There are many moving parts and pain point in selling a home in a divorce situation that are familiar to our team. This is what we do. If you are facing this difficult situation, we encourage you to contact us and begin the learning process. You may not be ready to sell the property just yet, and we’re in no hurry. But we can begin a dialog that empowers you to proceed in this challenging life change with the real estate part of the equation in good hands.

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