Deeper Dive: My Thoughts on Nesting

This is somewhat unrelated to actually selling the marital home but I have been asked about “nesting” as a possible arrangement post divorce. My ex wife proposed nesting when we separated, and I did not see it as a good idea.
Essentially, nesting is the practice of the children living in the marital home full time while the divorced parents alternate staying in the home every week or two weeks.

Naturally, every divorcing couple needs to make the decision for themselves, but I did not view it as a long term solution for several reasons. First, it doesn’t save the parents any housing costs. In their off weeks they still have to live elsewhere, and that involves buying or leasing like anyone else, which means they go from 2 to 3 households. And while it may have the facade of stability for the children, sameness does not always translate into stability in my opinion. The sense of completion, moving on, or new beginnings didn’t seem to be there for us, and the kids would not have the experience of knowing or feeling at home in their parents respective new homes.

Where I could see this working is prior to the divorce and sale of the matrimonial home as a transitional arrangement for all parties, as long as they can afford expenses on 3 households. The stress of knowing where they will go next is removed, since each parent has their off time home when they aren’t in the nest domicile. The children are in the same house for the time being with the clear communication that changes are coming but not abruptly. It might facilitate more ease with confidentiality since the house itself wouldn’t be indicating any evidence of a permanently absent party like we sometimes see.

If this works for the people as a permanent arrangement, then they should do what’s best for them. I didn’t see nesting as the long term solution, but I can see, under certain circumstances, how it could work as a transitional arrangement.

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